Manganese Measurement

The Aztec 600 Manganese analyzers are designed specifically for the measurement of manganese in ground waters, surface waters and potable waters. With two different chemical methods available, you can choose a measuring range to suit your application.

The Aztec 600 Manganese analyzer can measure up to 10 ppm Mn and is suitable for raw waters where high levels of manganese are encountered.

The Aztec 600 Manganese (Low Range) analyzer has been designed specifically for the measurement of low concentrations of manganese found in final waters (typically < 0.05 ppm Mn) and offers greater sensitivity over this range.

With both analyzers, users benefit from the product’s reliability, low maintenance requirements, ease of use and flexible communications.

Our offering

  • AW634

    Low Range Manganese Colorimetric Analyzer

  • AW635

    Manganese Colorimetric Analyzer

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