MNS - ACS800

Please note! This product is not distributed for use in your selected country (United States of America).

AC Drives are factory assembled in enclosures and ready for installation in a normal industrial environment. In addition to the drives, various auxiliary equipment for control, safety and communication as well as filters to eliminate disturbances in the network are also often included. Modern technological processes increasingly require, instead of constant-speed drives, speed-controlled drives which are controlled via the same field buses and connected to the same process control station.

From the point of view of the plant's electricity supply, it is often an advantage that the drives are installed in separate switchgear compartments with a common supply. The filtering of harmonics and elimination of disturbances can then be effected centrally.

The MNS switchgear makes it possible to build large separate functional units, where all the drives required by the industrial process or its part can be located in one place. A switchgear can include drives of different sizes and a common AC supply. Thanks to the high level of standardization, the delivery times of MNS-ACS800 are short.

VSD installed in a cubicle, inside photo of the drive compartment

VSD installed in a cubicle
VSD assembled in enclosures, photo of single enclosure

VSD assembled in enclosure

The drive with its auxiliary equipment can be installed in the MNS compartment alone or in a group of several units.
A modern, field-bus controlled drive often requires additional components for functioning. Installation of the whole unit in the factory guarantees fast and smooth installation and commissioning at site, as well as a suitable environment for sensitive equipment.

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