Pluggable Terminal Blocks for 5.08mm Connection

Entrelec® by ABB's blocks for 5.08mm connection are pluggable terminal blocks featuring functionality in a single, compact package. This product line uses the popular screw clamp connection technology. The ability to use a 5.08mm female connector with this product make for quick and easy installation, particularly in PLC applications. Each block is available with a single function and feature:
  • Mounting on Standard DIN 1 or 3 Rail
  • Accepts 24 to 12 AWG Wires
  • Voltage Ratings to 300V
  • Current Carrying to 10A (20A/10 + 10 for some models)
  • Feed-through: 1 or 2 levels
  • Mini Fuse Holder
  • Switch Blocks
  • ON/OFF LED Indicator
  • Diode: 1N 4007

In addition to the accessories that are specific to this type of terminal block, there are additional accessories available to assist in the completion of the entire assembly. Pluggable Terminal Blocks, in sizes other than 5.08mm, are available from ABB Entrelec which include other functions and connection technologies.


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