Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks entrelec® by ABB Spring Clamp Connection Technology:

Spring connection technology continues to grow in popularity in the industrial and commercial markets, including automotive and railway industries. Entrelec® by ABB's easy to use, screw-less spring terminal blocks are mounted on industry standard DIN rails.

*Multiple Functions
*Cost-Saving Installation
*Top Entry for Space Savings (reducing space between rails)
*Top Marking and IP20 (Touch-Safe)
*Ergonomically Beneficial to the Installer
*Funneled Entry for Ferruled or Non-Ferruled, Solid or Stranded Conductors
*Accepts Wire Sizes from 26 AWG (0.12mm2) to 2 AWG (33.6mm2)
*Current Carrying Capacity up to 93 A
*Rated Voltages from 300 to 600 V
*Terminal Block Spacing Range of 5 to 16 mm
*Vibration Proof Compliant to International Railway Requirements
*Complete Line of Accessories, Marking Systems, and Ferrules & Tools
*Industry Recognized Colors

This same connection technology is found in Entrelec® by ABB's Mini Terminal Blocks (Miniblocks for DIN 2 rail), and the ATEX product line. To assist in rail design needs, take advantage of the FREE Absolute Rail Design Software


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