Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Isomax CAD Library

This is a library of CAD files for the Isomax Molded Case Circuit Breakers offered by Low Voltage Products and Systems USA and Canada

Main Index of CAD Files

Isomax - fixed

S6 - S7 with neutral current transformer.pdf
S7, electrically operated.pdf
S7 padlocking device.pdf
S7 with NEMA 1 variable depth handle.pdf
S7 with NEMA 1, 3R & 12 variable depth handle.pdf
S7 with rotary handle operator.dxf   (Right Click, Save Target, to Download)
S7 with rotary handle operator.pdf
S8.dwg   (Right Click, Save Target, to Download)

Isomax - removable

S3 - Plugin, cable.pdf
S3 - Plugin, front.pdf
S3 - Plugin, rear.pdf
S3 - Withdrawable cable.pdf
S3 - Withdrawable front.pdf
S3 - Withdrawable rear.pdf
S3, S4 & S5 Plugin motor operator.pdf
S6 - Withdrawable front.pdf
S6 - Withdrawable motor operator.pdf
S6 - Withdrawable rear.pdf
S7 - Withdrawable front.pdf
S7 - Withdrawable motor operator.pdf
S7 - Withdrawable rear.pdf

S1, S2, S4, S5 Isomax (Discontinued Products)

Isomax - fixed

S1.pdf (discontinued product)
S1 with barriers.pdf (discontinued product)
S1-S2 with variable depth handle.pdf S1.pdf (discontinued product)
S2.pdf (discontinued product)
S4 - S5 with neutral current transformer.pdf
S5, electrically operated.pdf
S5 padlocking device.pdf
S5 with NEMA 1 variable depth handle.pdf
S5 with NEMA 1, 3R, & 12 variable depth handle.pdf
S5 with rotary handle operator.pdf

Isomax - removable

S1 - Plugin, front.pdf (discontinued product)
S1 - Plugin, rear.pdf (discontinued product)
S2 - Plugin, front.pdf (discontinued product)
S2 - Plugin, rear.pdf (discontinued product)
S4 - Plugin, cable.pdf
S4 - Plugin, front.pdf
S4 - Plugin, rear.pdf
S4 - Withdrawable cable.pdf
S4 - Withdrawable front.pdf
S4 - Withdrawable rear.pdf
S5 - Plugin, cable.pdf
S5 - Plugin, front.pdf
S5 - Plugin, rear.pdf
S5 - Withdrawable cable.pdf
S5 - Withdrawable front.pdf
S5 - Withdrawable rear.pdf

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