Medium voltage drives for chemical, oil and gas industry

ABB is the world's leading supplier of variable speed drive systems. To date ABB has installed medium voltage drives with a total rated power in excess of approximately 30'000 MVA.

All processes in the Chemical, Oil & Gas industries can benefit from variable speed drives.

Oil & gas production and gatheringPumps
Oil & gas separationCompressors
Gas treatment
Gas liquefaction (LNG / CNG)
Oil & gas transportation and distributionPumps
Oil & gas storageCompressors
Petroleum refiningPumps
Petrochemical plantsCompressors
Air separation plantsExtruders
Chemical industryMixers

Using ABB's medium voltage drives for speed and torque control of these applications offers many advantages, including:
  • High power and outstanding reliability increases the availability of the plant and decreases maintenance costs
  • Smooth torque over the entire speed range reduces noise and vibration levels, which minimizes mechanical stress
  • Better efficiency, particularly at partial load, results in lower energy costs
  • No inrush currents and voltage drops during starting
  • Improved speed control and process optimization
  • Enhanced operating flexibility
  • Regeneration of rotating power and breaking capability
  • Better dynamic performance during starting and during supply grid turbulences

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