Substation Automation and Protection

ABB’s world-class protection and control solutions ensure reliable power transmission and distribution. To ensure interoperable and future-proof solutions, our products have been designed to implement the core values of the IEC 61850 standard. This combined with our long experience in the field and full scope of services and support make us a leader and pioneer in substation automation and protection. What’s best - you will find us close to you - in all parts of the world.

  • Introduction of RTU500 series

    Introduction of RTU500 series

    ABB's RTU product portfolio is now presented in a new structure. All existing and new products are integrated in the different product lines of the RTU500 series, making it easier to identify the right solution for your automation needs.

Products and systems

Relion<sup>&#0174;</sup> protection and control

Relion® protection and control

Advanced solutions for generation, transmission and distribution applications

Distribution Protection & Control

Distribution Protection & Control

Relion 630/620/615/611/610/605 series, SPACOM

Transmission Protection & Control

Transmission Protection & Control

Relion 670/650 series, COMBIFLEX

Station Automation Products

Station Automation Products

RTUs, MicroSCADA Pro, COM600

Substation Automation Systems

Substation Automation Systems

Turnkey solutions to optimize your substation

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