Data Center

Solutions for Data Centers

To remain up and running, large-scale server parks require both a reliable power supply and ventilation for effective heat dissipation.

The data center industry is one of the most dynamic and important market sectors that ABB serves. Best practices are being written faster than they can be adopted as the industry grapples with the challenge of maintaining availability and reliability in the face of rising energy costs.

ABB’s approach to data centers is informed by our decades of experience in the power engineering and process automation domains. Our offering ranges from comprehensive power solutions to state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems that optimize server performance, energy use and cooling. Direct current technologies represent one area of particular significance where efficiency, reliability and cost concerns converge.

The links below present six keys to data center optimization and explain in more detail what data center operators can do to improve their operations.

Keys to data center success


Reduce unplanned outages and improve Quality of Service


Improve electrical and personnel efficiencies

Ease of Maintenance and Operations

Streamline product and solutions designs


Add new data center equipment without powering down


Virtually eliminate arc flash incidents in the data center

Risk Management

Get engineering and support required from design through operations


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