Traction Power Supply Systems

Investment in the world's rail infrastructure, both in main line and urban transport, is growing under the influence of traffic growth, the development of mass transit systems, rail utility restructuring, and the increased involvement of the private sector.

ABB takes care of design, engineering, construction and commissioning of complete traction power supply systems for both main line and mass transit applications. ABB offers a comprehensive range of traction substations for DC and AC applications containing all the switchgear and fault analysis equipment required for the protection and control of the network.
  • Products for traction power supply applications
  • Traction substations for AC and DC applications
  • Static frequency converter stations
  • Power quality systems
  • Network management systems
  • System studies and dynamic traction power supply simulations

Customer Value

- Competent partner for overall electrical system advice and studies

- Optimized economical and technical solution

- Reliable partner offering design, engineering, construction and commissioning out of one hand

- Delivery secured by ABB to be in line with regulations and requirements from the interconnecting utility

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