Who we are: ABB New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA

2007-09-30 - A profile of the five business units with headquarters in New Berlin, Wisconsin

ABB Inc., Automation Products: Low-Voltage Drives; Low-Voltage Motors; Medium-Voltage Drives; Machines; and Advanced Power Electronics

What do these units do?

The five U.S.-based business units of ABB Inc., Automation Products, are located in a single location inside the industrial park of New Berlin, Wisconsin, a western suburb of Milwaukee.

These business units have both office and manufacturing operations at this location. The operations are a cornerstone of ABB Automation Products' business area, and are responsible for the product development, applications design, manufacture and servicing of AC and DC drives, engineered drives and control systems, motors, generators, and power conditioning and power quality systems.

History of ABB Inc., New Berlin Facility:

* 1970's: Local manufacturer Harnischfeger created a new Electrical Products department in the late 1970s;

* 1981: ASEA and Harnischfeger created ASEA Industrial Systes, but build controls for Harnischfeger shovels;

* 1982: New Berlin facility opened;

* 1984: New Berlin is a $20 million System Division (including Metals, Paper, Machines, Cranes and Power Electronics);

* 1985: ASEA purchases Stromberg Oy;

* 1986: ASEA purchases Parametrics to create a channel-to-market in the U.S., creates an AC drive technology leadership position;

* 1987: The formation of ABB (ASEA and Brown Boveri) grows rapidly to 500 employees, $150 million/$60 million year-to-year;

* 2007: ABB manufactures and/or distributes six (6) full LV Drives product families from the New Berlin facility.

In Low-Voltage Drives – Pioneering Firsts

Most recently, ABB offers the market FlashDrop, powerful palm-sized tool for fast and easy parameter selection and setting. The tool can copy parameters between two identical drives, or between a PC and a drive, making it ideal for Original Equipment Manufacturers and System Integrators to customize a high volume of machines quickly. FlashDrop accomplishes this without powering up the drive!

ABB engineers pioneered Direct Torque Control, a proprietary open-loop control feature that enables ABB’s industrial low-voltage and medium-voltage AC drives to operate motors without encoders – a quantum leap in reducing downtime and increasing throughput for industrial processors. A new ACS 800 DriveIT Low Voltage AC Drive family – featuring the narrowest drives in all industry – is reaching customers worldwide and incorporate DTC and a host of high-performance, operator-friendly benefits.

ABB also utilizes advanced technology in the new patent-pending Swinging Choke design, built into an all-new standard drive, the ACS/H550 series; the choke is able, uniquely, to reduce harmonics at both full and partial loads, for a total harmonic reduction of up to 30%, compared to traditional reactor designs; and up to 64%, compared to drives with no reactors (estimates are based on a power system impedance of 1%). A legacy of the New Berlin facility’s in-house Research and Development Center is the industry’s first “smart” electronic bypass series – AC drives with next-generation, microprocessor-based controllers for the commercial HVAC market.

Progressive Factory

The Center Bay of New Berlin’s three-bay, 190,000-square feet factory houses state-of-the-art production processes, and “is the core of ABB North American drives business.” Key features of this production area include:

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    Thousands of drives per month are produced out of facility in New Berlin, WI
    Drives in Production - at ABB Factory in New Berlin, WI

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