ABB has made testing easier by redesigning Flexitest™ In-Service and FT-14 test plug handle thumbnut knobs

2017-12-06 - ABB redesigned the thumbnut knobs on the Flexitest In-Service and FT-14 test plug handles, making them compatible with banana jack leads. The new thumbnut knobs offer a safer, simpler, and faster way to test relays, potential transformers (PTs), current transformers (CTs), and other equipment.

Previously, In-Service and FT-14 test plugs required spade connectors which made testing more time consuming and cumbersome. The new brass insert banana test jack design accepts all types of banana plugs and test plug leads from any type of test equipment. Spade connectors can also be used the same as before.

Lead connection time can be reduced by 30% by using the new banana thumbnut knobs, improving ease of installation and increasing efficiency. Overall safety is also improved since banana plug direct connections are more reliable than spade clip adapters which can fall off.

To upgrade existing In-Service and FT-14 test plugs with banana thumbnut knobs, please contact a local ABB Representative for price and delivery. Use style number 9683A91G02 when ordering.

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    FT switch thumbnuts close-up

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