DC fast charger from ABB offering credit card option for ‘ultimate interoperability’

2015-11-04 - Payment flexibility expanded for ABB's Terra 53, providing more options for site owners, facility managers, as well as complete roaming capability for electric vehicle drivers

  • Payment options expanded for ABB’s flagship Terra 53 DC fast charging station
  • Credit card terminal delivers true roaming capability to all drivers
  • Payment flexibility for network operators, site owners and facility managers
  • EMV chip and NFC contactless smartphone payment technology included
  • Security and privacy enhanced with contactless solution
  • EV charging network neutrality achieved

ABB, the world leading manufacturer of dual-outlet DC fast charging stations for electric vehicles, has announced an easily integrated credit card payment option that can be added to new or existing Terra 53 DC fast charging stations. With this station enhancement, drivers can pay for their charging sessions whether they have a network membership, or are roaming outside of their local region.

RFID-enabled membership cards and PIN code authorization methods have always been standard with every ABB charging station. However, now operators have an option to diversify payment options to find the combination of driver incentives that will work for their location or network.

The credit card reader terminal hardware is easily mounted and secured on ABB’s Terra 53 DC fast charging station, offering a ‘plug and play’ enhancement to any of ABB’s Terra 53 units. ABB’s web modules that support all ABB charging stations give the owner/operator complete transparency into charger activity, payments and remote management, just as with traditional RFID and PIN payment options.

Expanding choices
“Membership-based payment systems have distinct advantages for electric vehicle drivers in terms of local convenience, incentives, and reliable charging management across a region,” said Andy Bartosh, Director of ABB’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure business for the Americas. “However, as vehicle batteries get bigger, and charging options grow, more drivers will be roaming into different geographies. A credit card or smartphone payment system offers peace of mind that drivers can use a charging station right when they need it, regardless of who is managing the network.”

One company leveraging credit card payment methods for EV charging services is Sunspeed Enterprises, a Bay Area infrastructure provider. Sunspeed is developing a network of chargers along scenic roads that connect tourists from the Bay Area, along the West Coast Pacific Highway into the Wine Country. “The flexibility of a generic credit card reader is critical for Sunspeed’s business serving EV tourism. New drivers have trouble managing multiple network memberships; and with thousands of new EV drivers every month, offering the simple credit card swipe that they are used to is a convenience they appreciate,” stated Richard Sachen, Founder and CEO of Sunspeed. “About two thirds of our sessions at Point Reyes Station are credit card transactions instead of an RFID enabled membership card or phone activation.”

Open roaming
“There are some parallels for EV charging and the early mobile phone industry. Privacy, coverage and security issues were very frustrating for users who traveled outside of their home region. Developing better roaming solutions helped spur growth of mobile device use," noted Bartosh. "Today, drivers know they can use a charger even if they don't have the right membership card, relying on a credit card or smart phone transaction to get them to their next destination."

“The global demand for the most basic, common payment method continues to grow as business models mature and the everyday user wants to use the payment solution they are already familiar with,” added Joost Van Abeelen, ABB’s Global Director of Connected Services. “ABB has dozens of charging stations with credit card payment terminals around the world − in the United States, Europe and China − that are heavily used.”

The rise of EMV and NFC payment technologies
EMV smart chip technologies offer the contactless payment option that keeps users financial data more secure. Near Field Communication (NFC) payments also allow drivers extra security through their smart phone payment platforms such as Apple Pay or Android Pay. These features are both incorporated in ABB's credit card reader option. "A significant percentage of EV drivers are early adopters of technology, and more are demanding smart phone payment systems that offer both convenience and contactless security," Bartosh added.

ABB has DC fast chargers installed all over North America and around the world, with experience deploying networked solutions and flexible payment options for small operators though country-wide networks. ABB is leading with future-proof, cloud-based charging infrastructure that supports all open fast-charging standards, and meets the needs of more electric vehicle drivers.

About ABB
ABB (www.abb.com) is a leader in power and automation technologies that enables utility, industry, transportation and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly 100 countries and employs about 140,000 people.

ABB’s Terra 53 DC fast charging station interface, featuring the credit card payment terminal option.

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    Terra 53 UL with Credit Card Reader
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