Guido Jouret of ABB: Where innovation meets automation

2018-05-08 - GreenBiz article by Paul Carp, Director of Research & Sr. Analyst - May 1, 2018

Guido Jouret, chief digital officer for ABB, may have the coolest job in Silicon Valley. He leads digital strategy for a 130-year-old power and automation technology company that is adding digital infrastructure to the world’s energy and transportation systems.

Jouret sat down with the GreenBiz team to describe innovative projects including robotics, fast-charging transportation infrastructure and software-based building automation systems. He discussed his role, opportunities to digitally connect the industrial sector and how ABB compares to (and competes with) tech giants in Silicon Valley and beyond. 

Paul Carp: What is a chief digital officer and what does the role mean to you?
Guido Jouret: The chief digital officer is a relatively new role. We did a survey and found about 2,500 public companies that had a formally identified chief digital officer. When I speak with other companies, I find that chief digital officers are typically part evangelist and part technology enabler.

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