Real-time Asset Health Enters New Era

2018-05-23 - T&D World Article by Peter Arvan Manos - May 22, 2018

Just as utilities like to have multiple suppliers for critical equipment to ensure backup suppliers are available on a contingency basis, any respectable discussion of advancements in equipment and software solution providers to our industry should highlight the fact that competition among suppliers is a good thing. So before highlighting recent developments at ABB, it is worth pointing out that real-time capabilities for optimizing asset health are evolving favorably due to the work of a host of competing companies, including IBM, GE, Schneider, Oracle, and SAP, among others.

Four decades ago, equipment up-time requirements for the mining industry drove early innovations associated with asset health software solutions.  The solution, known as MIMS, included satellite up-links which transmitted real-time sensor data for mission-critical mining equipment operating in remote regions.  The data provided the MIMS predictive Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) and related supply chain software with key information to help it ensure delivery of critical spare parts the equipment stayed up and running 24/7.

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