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Products catalog for MCB

S402M-C63 / 2CCS572001R0634

Product ID: 2CCS572001R0634
Product Main Type: S402
S402M-C63 Miniature Circuit Breaker 2 Poles C Characteristic 63A 10000 ~230/400V

S204M-C1,6UC / 2CDS274061R0974

Product ID: 2CDS274061R0974
Product Main Type: S200MUC
Miniature Circuit Breakers - S200MUC - Number of Poles 4 - Tripping characteristic C

S401M-K6 / 2CCS571001R0377

Product ID: 2CCS571001R0377
Product Main Type: S401
S401M-K6 Miniature Circuit Breaker 1 Pole K Characteristic 6A 25000 ~230/400V

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